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Jamie Noll

One Skate Ahead

Director Consultant

My BusinessOne Skate Ahead was founded on the principle of skaters being healthier through proper sports nutrition and supplementation. The skaters are one step ahead, or One Skate Ahead, of the competition. Today, the company is the ROLL model for healthy living.

Ideal ReferralThe man or woman who is committed to a regimen for healthy living. This person wants to put the best in so he or she can give back the best.

Top ProductBasic H2 -- Used to clean fruit and veggies, windows and mirros, laundry, dishes, cars, woodwork and floors, as a degreaser, and more! It is so concentrated that one bottle will replace 5,824 bottles of 26 oz. Windex.

Top Problem SolvedLess allergic reactions and no asthma attacks. Better overall health resulting in a reduction of medication consumed by clients.

My Favorite BNI StoryAs a vegan and teacher of healthy living, I was elated to learn of the Misner Plan. Many people are realizing the benefits of a mostly plant-based diet. When people like Dr. Misner have success stories to share, others listen. What a difference these stories are going to make in the world!

My Ideal Referral PartnerClients who use my Shaklee products -- from the cleaners to the vitamins. Shaklee products change lives! Clients can tell of their health before and after using them. The reduction of meds, lack of asthma attacks, loss of weight, testimonies of no more diabetes... clients with those stories make the best referral partners because they share the enthusiasm of Shaklee.